The BCI Blösch Group is an independent family-owned Swiss technology group
The BCI Blösch Group is an independent family-owned company operating in the field of coatings. Thanks to the constant investment in the development of new authentic processes, products and services, the Group has sustained a leading position in the sector since 1947.
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Leading manufacturer of high-tech PVD and PECVD coating units

PLATIT is a leading manufacturer of high-tech PVD and PECVD hard coating equipment for tools and machine components. Headquartered in Selzach (Switzerland), PLATIT has its own service, support and sales offices in Europe, North America and Asia. With about 150 employees as well as a broad network of distributors worldwide, PLATIT has installed over 550 coating systems and maintains close partnerships with its customers.

A broad variety of tool geometries and applications requires manufacturers of coating equipment to offer a wide range of
technical solutions to best fulfill customers’ needs. PLATIT offers numerous high-tech standard and custom coating
solutions with modular machine designs, high flexibility and good user-friendliness. Profound competencies in cathodic
ARC, SPUTTER and HiPIMS technology allows PLATIT to integrate these technologies into hybrid processes, creating
solutions for different applications.

PLATIT’s open-source philosophy allows customers to adapt coatings to their specific requirements and individual needs. With the highest coating performance in dedicated application fields, PLATIT customers can differentiate themselves from the market standard.

Next to the coating units itself, PLATIT has turnkey systems for coating processes in its product portfolio. These include complete solutions for upstream and downstream steps such as decoating, edge pre-treatment, cleaning, post-treatment
and quality control. Thereby, PLATIT systems are ideally suited for seamless integration into the tool manufacturing and
regrinding process.

For more information, please visit our website: https://www.platit.com

PLATIT Headquarters Selzach Switzerland

Blösch AG

Job coating & components

Blösch is a technology company; focusing on functional aspects and decorative surface finishing. The company stands out for a technology portfolio right across the board, from vacuum coating technologies and precision electroplating right up to high-quality color printing on 3D components. Blösch uses the following internal processes for their products and services:

  • PVD (including arc-PVD, magnetron sputtering, plasma-assisted deposition)
  • PECVD (including DLC coatings)
  • CVD (including SiO2)
  • Plasma treatment (including plasma nitriding and oxidation)
  • Electroplating (including precision electroplating of precious metals)
  • Color printing (including pad printing)
  • Laser engraving (including on sapphire)

Based in Grenchen (CH), Blösch offers a wide range of coating technologies for watches, tools, medical devices, aircraft construction, laser optics and much more. Since 1947 their work has been focused on the processing and refinement of surfaces. Blösch creates coatings that combine fascinating aesthetics with unimagined functionality and innovations that sometimes revolutionize an entire industry.

For more information, please visit our website: https://www.bloesch.ch

Blösch Headquarters Grenchen Switzerland

Liss a.s.

Job coating & components

On the Central European market, Liss offers services in the field of high-tech PVD coating, electroplating coatings, production of high-precision watch components, metallization of non-conductive materials, deposition of optical layers and manufacturing of precision components for the automotive industry. Based in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (CZ), Liss, has been established in the market since 1991 and is mainly focused on innovation, development and introduction of new technologies and processes. Besides the high technical competence, personal approach to customer requirements is the priority of Liss.

For more information, please visit our website: http://www.liss.cz

LISS Headquarters