Company owners

Three generations – one philosophy

1st generation

Walter Blösch (✝ november 11th 2013)
1947 – 1994

Walter Blösch: a great entrepeneur, inventor, pragmatist and a businessman

The story of his entrepreneurship begins in Biel with a client interested in the production of gold-plated jewelry bands. Since no atelier was able to gild them within the contractual delivery period, Walter Blösch set out on the path to economic independence. Using the only known reference book on electroplating technology at the time by Langbein-Pfannhauser, the young entrepreneur studied the problems of electroplating in his parents' home.

The description of the following developments up to the commercialization would lead too far here. After all, Walter Blösch had in the meantime acquired the know-how in gold plating to such an extent that he was able to join forces with the company Handlex GmbH and expand the manufacturing area from jewelry band gold plating to the production of gold-plated metal watch bands and watch shells. The saturation of demand that then occurred, led to a reorientation and the possibility to carry out gold plating of watch cases on behalf of a dealer. The business failed, however, but led to the desired independence in 1947 with the founding of the company "W. Blösch jun”.

Founder Walter Blösch
2nd generation Erich, Antoinette, Peter Blösch

2nd generation

Erich Blösch
Peter Blösch
Antoinette Schmid-Blösch
1994 – 2018

In its second generation, the company was operationally managed by Peter and Erich Blösch. The two brothers grew the company from a SME operating in Grenchen, Switzerland to an internationally active technology group with around 350 employees. Antoinette Schmid-Blösch supported her brothers in this major task as a member of the Board of Directors.

3nd generation

Cyrill Schmid
Patrick Blösch
Pascale Blösch
Dominik Blösch
Olivia Blösch
2018 – today

After a long-planned generation change, in 2018 the BCI Group passed successfully into the hands of the third generation. Three of the five shareholders are now managing the operations of the BCI Group.

Third generation of Blösch entrepreneurs