BCI Group History


Founding phase

The foundations of the BCI Group were laid in 1947 when Walter Blösch established the company W. Blösch AG in Grenchen, Switzerland. In its early phase, the company was focusing on galvanic noble metal coatings for watch parts. After the release of an unique, patented coating technology, allowing the deposition of thicker, harder, and more ductile gold coatings, the company grew rapidly and positioned itself as a market and technology leader for coating services in the Swiss watch industry.

Walter Blösch
1957 fire


Production of watch dials

Inspired by technologies used for the production of vinyl discs, Walter Blösch initiated the development of a fabrication process consisting of both vacuum coating deposition and galvanic for the large-scale production of watch dials.

After a fatal fire in the provisional production area in January 1965, the company facilities were rebuilt at today’s site at the Moosstrasse in Grenchen.


High-vacuum technology

Looking for opportunities during the undergoing change caused by the 1970s crisis in the Swiss watch industry, Blösch AG established itself as of 1976 as a technology leader for decorative coatings with high-vacuum technologies on watch glasses. This technology venture was laying the foundations for the future diversification and success of the BCI Group.

Blösch coating watch glasses
Arc coating unit


Arc technology

Combining high-vacuum know-how from the watch industry with several years of exploratory research activities, Blösch AG built in 1987 the first PVD coating machine based on the cathodic arc deposition technology. This technology allowed Blösch AG to enter the market for functional hard coatings for tools and components. Being the first company to industrialize the arc technology, it laid the foundation for the later establishment of PLATIT AG.


Establishment of LISS a.s.

As a reaction to price-competitive Asian imports in the Swiss watch industry, the Blösch family seized in 1991 the opportunity to expand into Central Europe by founding the company Liss a.s. in Rožnov, Czech Republic. Started as a BCI Group internal supplier only, Liss a.s. quickly developed its business in the local markets. Today, Liss a.s. is one of the largest coating centers in Central Europe, serving customers with coating services in various industries, such as tools, automotive and optics.

LISS a.s.
Peter Blösch 1993


Establishment of PLATIT AG

In 1993, PLATIT AG was established, being the third company in todays BCI Group corporate portfolio. With PLATIT AG, the BCI Group ventured into the segment of PVD coating equipment manufacturing and became the expert and technology leader on the arc deposition coating technology in the tooling industry.


Second generation of Blösch entrepreneurs

In 1995, the second generation of Blösch family entrepreneurs took over management and ownership of the BCI Group. While all three siblings maintained ownership, it was the two brothers Peter and Erich Blösch who split the responsibilities of the operative management. Under their lead, the BCI Group further flourished and continued its international expansion.

Second generation of Blösch entrepreneurs
BCI Group MedTech competence


Development of MedTech competence

In the early 2000s, Peter Blösch broadened Blösch's product portfolio outside the watch and hard coating industry. In the following years, developments were made for hermetic packaging and telecommunications. The first products for medical analysis equipment were added in 2009.
Nowadays, Blösch is a globally recognized supplier of solderable coatings for the medical market. To meet the demands for the medical analysis equipment, Blösch combines PVD and electroplated coatings and supplements scratch-resistant anti-reflective properties when necessary.


Release of the rotating cathode

In 2003, PLATIT AG released its signature technology: the rotating arc cathode. Being the enabler for the concept of a high-performant nanocomposite-coatings and flexible coating machines, PLATIT’s PVD coating equipment with rotating cathodes allow the integration of coating solutions for tool manufacturers and regrinders. Thus, PLATIT is one of today’s global market leaders for PVD machines and integrated turnkey solutions.

Rotating cathode LARC
Third generation of Blösch entrepreneurs


Third generation of Blösch entrepreneurs

The third generation of Blösch entrepreneurs took over ownership and management of the BCI Group in 2017. Following the footsteps of their parents, uncles, and aunts, all of them are proud to continue the success story of the BCI Group as a fully family-owned enterprise. Today, the responsibilities of the operative business are split between the three siblings Patrick, Pascale, and Dominik.


The most flexible coating machine

With the release of the hybrid coating technology on their Pi411 machine platform, PLATIT AG released the worldwide most flexible coating unit, combining for the first time PVD cathodic arc and sputtering into one industrialized coating process.

Flexible coating unit Pi411 PLUS from PLATIT


High end coating solutions

The globally active BCI Blösch Group includes three companies with highly specialized know-how in coating, operating for diverse markets in high-end applications in Switzerland and in the Czech Republic.

As a solution provider, we understand the market, the applications and the customer's needs, advise our customers comprehensively and – whether as the in-house coating center or providing coating service – we offer them the solution that meets their individual needs.